North Hammington Model Railway

A Modern Image Layout With a Hint Of Steam


Hi and welcome to North Hammington OO Gauge Model Railway this layout isn't based on any time period or location it just to run both modern diesels and electric trains plus a few steam trains the layout is in the loft which measures 21ft x 6ft 5" it will have two stations one is the town one on the upper level and a country station on the lower level,there is a diesel depot come workshop on the upper level at the end of the station and on the other side of the main lines from the diesel depot is the steam loco sheds with a turntable.And it will have a hidden fiddle yard built under the main station,and to see photos of the construction of the new layout please click on the fotopic link below.


This website is too show people my layout which is in it's early stages and you will see it grow in to a fully working layout it is mostly based on diesel and electric trains with a few steam trains passing through.

This site was last updated 22 May 2006


On this website all links are in orange are clickable and open in there own window.

FOR PHOTOS CLICK HERE:North Hammington Model railway Fotopic Site

All the links to my photos do not work any more as has gone offline I think for good so I have no way of showing my layout any more and can't afford to upgrade my account to stick them on here,so the only way you can see them is via one of the forum I am on but I will leave the links on just in case fotopic does come back online.

If you would like to contact me by email to know more about my layout or have any questions please contact me

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